The Origin Of The Bracelet

- May 17, 2018-

First, the need for survival. In primitive society, human beings in the process of fighting against nature, in order to protect themselves, to avoid the harm of beasts, hides, horns and other things on their heads, arms, wrist or feet, on the one hand, to disguise themselves as prey of the same kind to confuse each other, On the other hand, these skins are a defensive or offensive weapon.

As for those small gravel, small animal bones or the teeth that hang on the neck, waist or wrist, the real function of the man, in addition to the earliest unconscious adornment of mankind, may be the need for counting or remembering. Secondly, it is a symbol of power. In the very simple primitive society, human beings to the nature to obtain food, to overcome the ferocious beast, it is undoubtedly necessary courage and strength. In primitive people's eyes, the Beast is full of power, its sharp claws, hard bones and beautiful fur must have played an important role. Thus, after capturing these beasts, humans eat what can be eaten, they wear their bones, teeth and so on in a string on the body, thinking that this will absorb the power of the beast, can rely on it to conquer ferocious beasts.

It seems that from these original jewelry, the primitive people have some kind of spiritual comfort and strength. On the other hand, the more a person wears this and the "jewellery", the more likely he is to wear more expensive jewellery. In fact, these brave people often like to use some colorful, easy to know other body decoration on the body, such as beautiful feathers, the teeth of the beast, rare shells and even valuable, "beautiful stone" (jade) and so on as a symbol of symbols to show, show off their strength and authority. Plekhanov in Art, said: "These things were originally only worn as brave, dexterous and powerful markers, but only later." It is because they are brave, dexterous and powerful mark, so began to cause aesthetic feeling, into the scope of decorations. "