The Common Sense Of Earrings

- Nov 21, 2018-

1. The best time to play the ear hole The best time to hit the ear hole is at the end of March of every year and at the end of September, because the weather is just fine, neither cold nor hot.

Other times either too cold or too hot, not conducive to the repair of the ear.

2. Change the frequency of new ear nails

Do not listen to the ear hole people say what three days after can change, it is not easy to grow good, and easy to cause inflammation.

Personal experience: Be sure to rotate your ear nails when there is no bad feeling when you pick, almost one months,

Sensitive skin to hit the ear hole must be careful, because according to scientific principles found that the ear part of the skin is the most able to detect a person's real skin, if inflammation is serious, must promptly go to the hospital to solve. In addition to these skin allergy friends some opinion: A, must find health place dozen; B, the ear nail must be allergy-proof or with pure silver.