Temperament Choice Earrings

- Nov 21, 2018-

One side of the soil and water raising a party, earrings to be consistent with temperament, everyone's living environment and receive education is different, cultivate the temperament is also different, so you have to choose their own earrings, otherwise not only can not give others aesthetic, but will give others have parody feeling, to others pure feeling of people,

Be sure to wear that kind of decoration is not a lot of earrings, give others the feeling of wealth, you must wear that high-grade earrings.

Earrings also have a sense of identity. Earrings, like clothing, are compatible with age, personality and identity. Work can wear simple earrings with a suit, to pay special attention to the inlay, work too thick, will reduce the value of earrings. Exaggerated geometric figures, rough wooden earrings, gypsy-style giant ring has a wild taste, and casual denim clothing, jacket matching, can make people rich uninhibited modern sense. Wear earrings should be in harmony with the age, young girls should wear a polygon and other modelling sense, dynamic strong ear nails, earrings, to shape full of youthful vigor, vibrant image, for the manufacture of earrings materials, not necessarily too demanding. and middle-aged women must wear textured jewelry earrings, the quality of the perception is far more important than the shape of the unique.