Shopping Guide For Necklaces

- May 17, 2018-

Wear Guangcan jewelry Jiapin, will make you elegant, beautiful. Necklaces are the main varieties of jewelry, women and men of all ages, especially the woman welcome.

Necklace with the materials used to divide, there are gold and silver necklaces, jewelry necklaces and imitation gold necklace three categories. Gold and silver necklace: long history, is the main variety of necklaces. Gold necklace has 24K (gold), 18K, 14K three kinds. Silver necklace has 92.5% silver and silver gold plated two kinds. People love the use of gold and silver necklaces, the elderly especially in favor of 24K gold necklace, it has a value (high-value) significance, but also a strong decorative effect.

Gold and silver necklaces are mainly in the following styles: Edgewise chain: More from the mechanical processing into half products, and then by hand-finishing, is currently the best-selling one of the varieties of the market.

This kind of necklace because the diameter is finer, therefore more suitable for the slender neck person wears, the adornment effect is slender soft, exquisite. Whip chain: In China or mainly by hand processing, mainly made into 24K gold necklace, but also often as a flower-type chain material.

The whip chain is more robust and strong, and more suitable for older people. Two sets of chain, three sets of chain: are processing technology complex necklace, its characteristics are strong sense of three-dimensional, elegant and beautiful, girls wear times Tim Beauty, but it is not strong enough, maintenance is not very convenient.