Purchase Guide Editor

- Nov 19, 2018-

Face or a person with high cheekbones is a skill to buy earrings, the face and earrings can improve the overall temperament of a person, casual collocation may affect the overall effect, which teaches you to buy accessories according to the face of the tips of earrings.

1. The face is big: big face Meimei should not use round earrings, preferably wear larger earrings or triangles, droplets of small under the big earrings, you can reduce the wide sense of the cheeks, visual on the role of elongated face. 

2. Square face: The square face needs to be treated visually on the facial line.

Suitable choice of flower-shaped, heart-shaped, oval earrings, can be a good way to ease and modify the face of the chestnut, reduce facial lines too obvious shortcomings. 

3. Face: It is best to choose a round earring with a close ear to reduce the longitudinal extension.

button-like earrings and studs are good choices.

4. Heart-shaped face (is the face of a sharp chin): Suitable for the selection of ring, round edge and other styles of earrings.

5. Oval: You can choose the lower end wide, the upper end of the narrow earrings, used to balance the feeling of sharp chin, water droplets, triangles or earrings are very suitable for oh, but if the upper end is wide, the upper end of the narrow "inverted triangle" or never try! 

6. Oval Face: Oriental Women's traditional standard facial shape, almost all shapes of earrings can be worn, but also pay attention to the size of earrings with their overall sense of the match, with their own stature, hair and clothing to match the perfect moving oh.