Natural Crystal Necklace Maintenance Method

- May 17, 2018-

Crystal necklace After wearing with a clean soft cloth to wipe jewelry, you can keep its unique luster! If printed on fingerprints or stained crystal, you can use soft light and lint-free cloth for the crystal dust, dust removal intensity should be lighter, is free from the surface of the dust scraping crystal. Do not use water to clean the crystal necklace to avoid the creation of indelible watermark.

Avoid crystal necklaces that are permanently exposed to moist air or strong sunlight to prevent crystals from becoming dull and fading.

Please avoid crystal necklace contact with chemicals containing detergent and other items, in bathing, washing, washing, washing dishes, swimming and other circumstances do not wear crystal jewelry.

Remember to wear a crystal necklace after spraying perfume and hair products, water vapor and chemicals will be attached to the crystal surface, making the crystal dull. Crystal Crisp, crystal necklace please take care not to stress, away from the high temperature. Do not wear crystal jewelry for a long time, please save it in a separate box or soft bag, do not overlap ornaments to avoid collision with the crystal surface.