Introduction To Necklaces

- May 17, 2018-

Necklace is one of the body decorations, is the earliest appearance of jewelry.

In addition to the decorative features of the necklace, some necklaces also have special display functions, such as the Catholic cross chain and the Buddhist rosary. Since ancient times, people in order to beautify the human body itself, but also beautify the environment, manufacturing a variety of different styles, different characteristics, different styles of necklaces, to meet the different color, different nationalities, different aesthetic needs of people. Here, from the material and style two aspects to introduce the necklace style.

On the material, jewelry market necklace has gold, silver, jewelry and several. Among them, gold necklace's fineness has gold, 18K, 14K three kinds, silver color has 92.5% silver content and silver gold-plated two kinds; jewelry used as a necklace diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, emerald, emerald, natural pearls and other advanced materials, there are agate, coral jade, ivory, cultured pearls, such as low-grade materials.

Jewelry Necklace than gold and silver necklace decorative effect more intense, color change is richer, especially by young and middle-aged love. Fashion necklaces are popular in the world, mostly made of very popular materials. such as gold necklace, plastic, leather, glass, wire rope, wood, low melting alloy, etc. made of necklaces, mainly to match the fashion, emphasizing new, strange, beautiful and universal.