How To Wear A Necklace

- May 17, 2018-

1, to pay attention to style, accurate size. The size of the necklace depends on the person, the neck is coarse, the size is bigger, the other is smaller.

Collar height, necklace size not too long, otherwise pendant should not be exposed to wear a word collar sweater, can only wear necklaces, not worthy of pendant; wear three lapel and high collar sweater, cashmere sweater, necklace to wear outside the clothes, pendants to avoid friction.

2, to consider the decorative effect, clothing matching. If you want to wear the pendant on the necklace, the necklace should not be too long too thick.

If only consider the beauty of the necklace, but also pay attention to the necklace style and clothing style, and some with a single string, and some with many strings.

3, must pay attention to the different material matching effect. Different materials and different clothing styles will produce different effects, if wearing a red suit dress, with a gold necklace, appear enthusiastic, suitable for the occasion of the festive feast; if wearing sky-blue polyester georgette dress, with a silver necklace, will appear gentle and cheerful, charming and colorful; sometimes in the tight-fitting movement Ser,

With a gold necklace, will also make you more lightsome lively; If you put on a light green and white flowers and other polyester georgette dress, with a silver pearl necklace, will make you full of bright cool breath, if wearing a clean white with a red bead chain, will appear more beautiful and attractive.