Classification Of Pendants

- Oct 17, 2018-

The main popular today is the Diamond pendant. The General diamond pendant is more common according to material mainly: Platinum diamond pendant, 18K gold diamond pendant. These two are common diamond pendants and are one of many brides bought by the wedding bride.

Platinum Diamond Class

Platinum Diamond Pendant is made up of platinum material with diamond and then achieve a perfect marriage effect. Platinum Diamond Pendant is generally more common for the PT950 material of the diamond pendant. pt950 material with diamond pendant best. Its material determines that it is also a good fit!

K Gold Diamond Class

K Gold Diamond Pendant is also a popular diamond pendant, its K-gold content is different to show different colors.

There are 6 kinds of 14K: red, red-yellow, dark yellow, yellowish, dark yellow, green yellow, and 18K also 5 kinds: red, red, yellow, yellowish, dark yellow. The more common is the 18K gold diamond pendant. is also very popular with the customer friend a kind of material.

Tourmaline class 

The seal is the middle-grade gem after Ruby, emerald and variable stone. Its bright colors, beautiful, changeable, transparent, has been popular since ancient times. The people put tourmaline as the "October born Stone", which symbolizes peace and happiness.

According to records, the Qing Empress queen of Tourmaline is also doubly love, in her Shinping, foot on a piece of jade carved with a lotus, weight of 36.8 money, then the value of 750,002 silver. With the rise of popular jewelry, tourmaline also to crystal clear quality and colorful color, become the new favorite fashion jewelry, tourmaline pendant is more and more people welcome.

Red Stone class

Red Stone can develop the heart chakra, the solution melancholy, helps the secret movement, can make the belt person often happy, awakens the people heart to the love the demand, causes the person to be enthusiastic, is willing to pay, increases invites the love the opportunity, may enhance the heterosexual margin. Unlike the powder crystal, it is biased to practice and action, to increase confidence towards the goal, suitable for existing objects of the person with the belt. Can treat the pain caused by lovelorn, loss, depression, let the mood stable and soft.

Amber class

Amber is one of the Buddhist seven treasures, the most suitable for the Buddha to repair, at the same time, with a strong evil spirit of evil spirits, wearing amber ornaments can ward off evil and eliminate the powerful negative energy, to often go out to protect the best ornaments of peace. In ancient times, the West used it as a prop to exorcise demons.