Bracelet Style

- May 17, 2018-

The bracelet chain is a kind of jewelry which is based on the bracelet.

It has both the style of bracelets, as well as the aura of necklaces, available bracelet chains are: Strap-style, this early bracelet chain style is more generous, dignified, suitable for all ages. Watch-style, it is characterized by a large gem or a string of small gems, craft fine, elegant, rich.

This style is more suitable for women who work in performing, translating, and other jobs, and for some Mas women. The flower bracelet chain, has the gem, also has does not have the gem, some uses the gold, the platinum two kinds of material composition, the color is rich. This chain of bracelets can be used for dual purposes or more. Two root chain to open, connected to a root, but also used as a necklace. Some inlaid with gemstone bracelet chain, but also can be composed of pendants, necklaces two pieces of jewelry set.

People of different ages and different identities are suitable for selection.

One hand, up to 3. Uncut natural Crystal, the best energy. But the general crystal ornaments have been carved, cut, strength than the original stone weakened a lot, the role will not be very large, but the number of wear should not be much, one hand wearing 3 is the limit. In addition, if the radioactive crystal should be worn on the right hand, or the absorption crystal should be worn on the left hand, it would disturb the magnetic field and affect the transportation.