And The Identification Of Nephrite Bracelet

- May 17, 2018-

One eye view Color method and nephrite color to white and cyan as the keynote, tonal more evenly. White jade, especially the sheep fat white jade and nephrite unique. Xiu Jade and Nanyang Jade also has white, but not and nephrite color is, some also with green and other impurities. Cyan Jade, sometimes with green Jasper and jade, such as easy to confuse, to master the characteristics of cyan, it is between blue and green.

Hotan Yu Ziyu Some have skin color, skin color tones are more brown, limited to local.

Second analysis Texture method and Hetian jade texture dense delicate, moist soft, with grease luster, give people to see the feeling of softness, white jade is especially obvious.

Other Jade also has a fine texture, but moisturizing and grease gloss and Hetian.

Three Test impurity method Hetian Jade Pure, impurities very few. Impurities are commonly found in iron and graphite. Impurities are more distributed in the crack, brown or brown black, can be identified by the naked eye.

Graphite is black and distributed in Moyu.

Four methods of judging hardness and nephrite hardness in 6.5-6.9, with a steel knife engraved, and its hardness similar to Jade has jade, Nanyang Jade, Jade pith and so on. Jade hardness of 6.5-7.0, Nanyang Jade Hardness of 6.0-7.5, Jade pulp is 6.5-7, can be distinguished by other characteristics.