What's The Meaning Of The Bracelet

- Nov 23, 2018-

Bracelet is a symbol of the dragon, wearing bracelets meant for Long peace, bring auspicious wealth, send a bracelet is to send peace auspicious! Why said the bracelet is the symbol of the Dragon: Legend Bracelet is originally a Prince of the Dragon Palace, fell in love with a woman, will incarnate as bracelet, care in the girl's Hao wrist, bless her auspicious happiness, life peace.

So the bracelet is a symbol of the dragon;

If you send a round casement bracelet, is the blessing of perfection, the meaning of peace;

Outer Circle casement--fu bracelet--perfect peace;

Outer Circle Inner Circle--Shoushi----perfect longevity;

Oval Casement--Imperial concubine bracelet--rich and clever; Outer ping casement--ping bracelet--life is safe;