Wax Injection

- Apr 07, 2019-

The waxing process sounds strange because people in the jewelry industry like to call it the waxing process. After the wax-filling film is opened, the wax-filling operation can be carried out. The process of using plastic film to pour out wax mold is what we call wax injection (also called paraffin injection).

The main components of common model materials are paraffin wax and synthetic resin. Generally, paraffins of different proportions are used according to different seasons and different model shapes. The wax used to make the wax mold is generally blue model paraffin with melting temperature around 60C and wax injection temperature around 65C. There are some other colored paraffins, which are slightly different in nature. The wax temperature and injection pressure can be adjusted by a wax-filling machine. The paraffin wax used to make the wax mold must meet the following conditions: high hardness, high melting point, softening is not easy to be deformed, easy to be welded, little change in composition when heating, small expansion coefficient, little ash residue when burning, and low price.

In the process of lost wax casting, the quality of the jewelry wax mold directly affects the quality of the final jewelry. In order to obtain a good jewelry wax mold, the wax mold material should have the following process parameters:

1. The melting point of wax mold material should be moderate, generally within the range of 69-80c, because the melting point temperature range is large, the temperature control is relatively stable, can obtain better quality jewelry wax mold.

2. In order to ensure the size accuracy of jewelry wax mold, the shrinkage rate of wax mold material is required to be small, generally less than 1%.

3. The wax mold shall have sufficient strength and surface hardness at room temperature to ensure no damage, fracture or surface abrasion in other processes of lost wax casting.If they are skilled in the waxing process, they will have a clear understanding of these standard parameters and can easily complete the process, reducing the quality problems of the jewelry and improving the technical content of the jewelry.