The main varieties of the necklace

- Oct 17, 2018-

① chain:

The chain is a pure precious metal material produced by the necklace, which is characterized by the whole chain is generally only a pattern of patterns repeatedly connected.

Main styles: Whip chain, Single set chain, double sets of chain, S-shaped chain, string chain, cowboy chain, edgewise chain and so on.

② Flower chain:

The flower chain is a necklace of two or more different styles of chain or flower mosaic, and is usually inlaid with gems.

Main styles: Diamond chain, inlaid chain, egg-shaped lace chain, longevity chain, round pipe chain, bead chain, child chain and so on.

③ Pendant:

As part of the necklace, from the gold and silver, jewelry plus gems, ivory, jade, jade, etc. to match the production of different materials, such as Heart pieces, heart and abstract geometric pendant. Main styles: Heart pieces, heart-mounted, abstract geometry pendant and so on.