The history of the cuff buckle

- Oct 17, 2018-

The cuff links originated in ancient Greece. It should be one of the men's costume art that was widely popular in Europe from 14 to 17th century, the Gothic renaissance to the Baroque period. For the man who emphasizes taste, perhaps in addition to the ring, cufflinks is the smallest area of decoration.

Because of its material selection of precious metals, and some have to be inlaid with diamonds, gems, etc., so from the birth has been wearing the aura of nobility, cufflinks has become a measure of men's taste of the two items, and the selection, collocation, use of all is a man's science.

Cufflinks need to be a shirt or a suit sleeve collar roll up and then clamped, this time the sleeves have become flat, the need for more lenient sleeves to be used to get cuff links, most are in the business situation with a suit when used, is one of the accessories business outfit. The cuffs became an important part of the shirt, and it came out 1530 years later for the purpose of keeping out the cold.

At that time, or the end of the sleeve fold (French double fold embryonic form), or another piece of cloth, and then in the wrist part of the rope (this rope later developed into a cuff link sleeve chain) connection, so that the front of the cuffs will be like a flower, and then with different materials color, quite beautiful. At the time of the fashion, such a beautiful cuff is immoral to hide, so will arrange the cuff to show a few centimeters, so that the beautiful cuffs are fully displayed. And when the suits and shirts came together, the dress rules of the shirts were preserved and became an important rule for wearing a suit. Since the cuffs are exposed to show the beautiful cuffs, is it necessary for the shirts of the modern shirts to be shown in a regular button?

Yes, only the use of cuff links, the cuff is necessary to expose a suit, the various styles of the beautiful cuff show to everyone to see.