Ring meaning

- May 17, 2018-

Ring: A small ring used to mark or decorate a finger, made of metal, jade, etc. The invention of a ring which belongs to a country is inconclusive. In China, the use of rings is at least more than 2000 years old. From a large number of documents, Chinese women have generally used rings in the Qin and Han dynasties. Rings to folk, its role is not only simple decorations.

Men and women love each other, giving each other, the pledge of love, as a proof. Gem-inlaid rings have different meanings. Diamonds symbolize eternity in Europe and the United States, where husbands are usually given diamond rings and precious metals to their wives in order to be faithful in love. The Emerald expresses the love, the Pearl expresses the noble, the Amethyst expresses the health, the nimble and the lucky, the crystal with the unique magnetic field energy makes more people at first sight.