Precautions for wearing necklaces

- May 17, 2018-

Some people wear a necklace too long or necklace quality is bad, wear a necklace and neck skin sweat glands occur, plus wear out of the friction, it is easy to make local skin allergic reaction, appear fishy erythema, blister, blood rash, even inflammation for a long time.

This is because the gold necklace contains heavy metal ingredients, can cause contact dermatitis, especially in hot weather sweating, the necklace of a metal element can dissolve in sweat, increase the metal and skin contact opportunities, and can penetrate the skin, easy to cause inflammation. Therefore, wear necklace must choose processing fine, in order to reduce the chance of skin friction injury, and wear time should not be too long, night sleep to take off the necklace, so you can reduce the 50% of the skin and necklace contact opportunities. Also, take the necklace off while you are working and bathing.