How to maintain earrings

- May 17, 2018-

Generally pure silver, solid gold, will not be inflamed, if the daily clean and clean plastic will not inflammation. Many earrings on the market, including some famous brands, are not pure, so it is easy to inflammation.

After the ear hole has been thoroughly long and then chasing fashion, the beginning of the ear hole has not maintained good generally after inflammation oh, then it will not outweigh the gains.

Friendship Reminder: The general ring of earrings than the ear nail healing faster, it is estimated that the earrings with loops in the ear hole before and after ventilation, not like the ear nails are always stuffy ear hole. Last nagging, ear hole or don't play too much, remember the right amount of OH. Although the beauty of the heart of people have, but too much unfavorable, there is a reason is that the ear is a sensitive site, acupuncture points are more, so it is better to be cautious.