Halloween Jewelry bracelet necklace pendant

- Oct 09, 2018-

Halloween Jewelry

Halloween costumes often need some great Halloween jewelry.

Or you may like to wear Halloween jewelry during the month of October just for fun.

Here are many different kinds of ideas and materials for creating your own one of a kind jewelry.

Glow in the Dark Jewelry

Use Polymer clay and rubber stamps to make this creative glow in the dark jewelry.

Fun Halloween Necklaces

Black Widow and Bloody Necklaces

Fun and quick to make black widow and bloody necklaces use Tulip 3 Dimensional paint – and that’s all!

Vampire Necklace

Easy beaded necklace is perfect for a vampire necklace.

Emergency Vampire Necklace

Use a skeleton key, a chain, and an old small bottle to create an emergency vampire necklace.

Morticia Choker

For a Morticia choker you need black ribbon with loops, various beads and chain.

Halloween Necklace

Using this idea, you could buy or make Halloween shapes for a Halloween necklace. Shrinkies or clay would make great Halloween shapes.

Ghost Necklace

This ghost necklace is made with polymer clay. You could also make the ghosts into magnets.

Day of the Dead Necklace

Made with chain, skulls and spider webs, this Day of the Dead necklace is perfect for Halloween.

Day of the Dead Necklace

Make skulls with salt dough and string them with beads and homemade flowers to make a Day of the Dead necklace. Kids can do this easy craft.

Halloween Bell Necklaces

Big girls and little girls will enjoy wearing these cute Halloween bell necklaces. Paint ghost, cat or jack-o-lantern faces with a black Sharpie or black paint pen and add ribbons.

Bat Necklace

Make this quick and easy bat necklace using a toy plastic bat.

Tile Pendants

Craft these fun tile pendants with rub-ons and glitter. Or use decoupage to apply a picture.

Halloween Pendants

Make great Halloween pendants using craft wood shapes, an image you’ve made, and glue or Mod Podge.

Spooky Pendant

Glue an image of a spider or other Halloween design to a pendant, domino, or tile and wrap with copper wire to make aspooky pendant.

Resin Halloween Cabochons

Instructions for making resin Halloween cabochons using various small Halloween stickers.

Crystal Web Collar Necklace

Wow! Make this intricate crystal web collar necklace using beads and wire.

Halloween Ribbon Fascinators and Brooches

Pretty Halloween ribbons and buttons make these Halloween ribbon fascinators and brooches.

Halloween Bracelets and Earrings

Skull Bracelet

This skull bracelet was created for Day of the Dead, but would work for Halloween, as well. For a simpler project, you could make the skulls with shrinkies instead of resin.

Halloween Charm Bracelet

Hang skulls, pumpkins and black beads on this Halloween charm bracelet.

Googly Eye Bracelet and Earrings

Scroll down a ways to find googly eye bracelet and earrings, as well as other googly eye crafts.

Candy Corn Earrings

Make clay candy corn earrings for Halloween.

Candy Corn Earrings from Paint Samples

You need paint samples (or cardstock), and Mod Podge Dimensional Magic to make these easy, clever candy corn earrings.

Skeleton Earrings

Use Sculpy clay to make these clever skeleton earrings.

Spider Earrings

Easy spider earrings need tiny beads and wire.

Cute As a Pumpkin Earrings

Make cute as a pumpkin earrings with orange and green polymer clay.

No-Mold Polymer Skull Beads

How simple are these no-mold polymer skull beads to make! Just shape them a little with your fingers and a pencil, let dry and paint. Don’t forget to poke a hole through them before you dry them.

More Fun Halloween Jewelry

Skeleton Hand Hair Bows

Use 2 skeleton hands and ribbon to make fun skeleton hand hair bows to wear for Halloween.

Beaded Spider

Craft a beaded spider for earrings, pendant or keychain. Paint a tiny red hour glass on the abdomen.

Creepier Spider Rings

Creep up your plastic spider rings with black fingernail polish and these ideas.

Witch Hat Pin

This very easy witch hat pin is made with foam stickers and a hat pin. Or you could make your own sticky back felt shapes.

You can make enough Halloween jewelry to wear something different every day in October!