Earrings use

- May 17, 2018-

Generally made of gold and silver, there are inlaid beads jade or hanging beads inlaid pendant. Modern also popular with plastic or marble, ceramics and other materials made of earrings, can also be metal, plastic, glass, gems and other materials made in general and clothing matching.

Earrings can show some kind of custom, belief, status, wealth and so on to some extent. From the point of view of modern medicine, the central lobe of the Dale ornaments is just the acupoints of the eye.

From this, wearing earrings to protect eyesight, prevention and treatment of eye disease, especially the prevention of myopia, has a good effect. Earrings can give you different occasions different feelings, the party let your personality lively, the banquet let you noble generous, the award is too let you star sparkling, in fact, earrings is so magical, earrings can match you to improvise.