Color Selection Earrings

- Nov 20, 2018-

White color: You can choose some of the more gaudy earrings, such as bright red, dark purple, brown or to talk about red earrings.

This color-the choice of earrings, the space is relatively large, most tonal earrings can be better decorative effect.

Bronze skin: To wear color talk, crisp some earrings, such as white ivory earrings, cream-colored agate earrings, pale green moonlight stone earrings or light purple crystal earrings.

Yellow complexion: To wear a variety of silver earrings, white gold alloy earrings better. Darker complexion: choose to wear silvery earrings for good. Golden Earrings for a variety of skin color is very suitable, it is a mild warm, there is pure, bright, rich feeling. Pearl color is also suitable for matching a variety of skin color, whether it is white skin or other colors, pearl earrings can play the same effect.