Choice of earrings

- May 17, 2018-

Square face: Fit to wear a pair of round, oblong, key-shaped or curly line earrings (ear pendant), so you can cushion the corners of the face.

Not suitable for City square, triangular or square angular earrings.

Round face, wearing a corner shape,  "" "zigzag, blade-shaped, pointed earrings can create a slender feeling, make people look delicate.

Heart-shaped face: it is advisable to choose the triangle, the circle to form a clamp-shaped day ring, so that the face and earrings appear to be coordinated.

Lanky face: Wear button-shaped earrings to make your face look wider.

Triangular face: It is best to wear narrow under the wide ear pendant, Nina shape, pear shape and so on, so that the original thin pointed under the Qi appear plump some, also appear exquisite chic. Goose-egg face or oval face: This type of female face has a better visual effect. can wear any shape and style earrings. Color is the most popular form of beauty, so the color of earrings and the coordination of skin color can not be ignored.