Analysis Of The Production Process Of Stainless Steel Ornaments

- Nov 17, 2018-

1, Seihan (computer design): The use of computer carving stencil on the computer through the 3D software design drawings on the shape;

2, Seihan (hand-carved design): Carved with paraffin wax design drawings on the shape, and then the use of paraffin casting method to pour out the silver version;


3, open Film: open membrane technical requirements are very high, the quality of the open film directly affects the wax mold and metal hair bah, open film is usually used four feet, mold can not have any broken feet and adhesion;

4, a, film frame and raw film to clean, B, to ensure that the original and rubber will not adhere to, C, determine the appropriate curing temperature and time, D, when the pressure film plug, Watanabe, fill the way to fill the first version;

5, will make a good wax mold in accordance with a certain sequence of welding wax with the direction of the circumference of the circular edge in order to weld in a wax bar, wax and wax rods constitute a 45-degree angle for casting, between both can not contact and as much as possible welding in the wax tree;Analysis of the production process of stainless steel ornaments .


6, Gypsum and baking gypsum: the plant will be a good wax tree with the chassis together with stainless steel tube, after mixing gypsum powder and water into gypsum slurry for vacuum, the gypsum slurry is injected slowly along the inner wall of the steel ling, and then naturally placed for 12-24 hours to ensure the solidification of plaster, the main function of plaster mould baking is dewaxing,

First the furnace preheating to the starting temperature, the gypsum mold nozzle into the furnace, gypsum mold baking time depends on the size and complexity of the steel tree;

7, dissolved steel and casting: Stainless steel melting is not only a pure melting, but also including smelting process of molten metal purity must conform to the casting requirements can be carried out, in the plaster mold to the end, began to dissolve the stainless steel and maintain the melting state, to the plaster mold insulation finished, the stainless steel liquid from the nozzle into;


8, Cleaning: plaster die due to shrinkage, remove the steel tree, with steel brush to large plaster, with high-pressure cleaning spray gun spraying steel tree, until the steel tree surface clean;

9, the mold and inlay: As a result of casting shrinkage and deformation, the appearance of the mold will usually have trachoma, cape, Heavy edge, sag, fracture and other issues, needs to be repaired and corrected; 10, Polishing: Polishing is the stainless steel surface grinding, this is an important method of surface treatment of stainless steel ornaments, polished after the surface of the jewelry shiny incomparable, to achieve a shiny mirror-like effect.